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The School of Arts & Media is collaborating with the University of Salford Engineering Society and the Manchester Tramway Museum Society to create a touring exhibition and performances connected with the construction of a replica of a ‘Tank Tram’.

A Tank Tram is a tram ‘disguised’ as tank, used as a war bond fundraising stunt in 1916.  The stunt is being revived and the Tank Tram will travel in the region in 2016 as a focal point for a current debate about the relationship between new technology and war.

A “Tank Tram” From the Peter Jennings Collection
A “Tank Tram” From the Peter Jennings Collection

As part of the First World War Centenary Commemorations at Wigan Life Museums, Salford Art Gallery & Museum and central Manchester, members of Manchester Tramway Museum Society are constructing the tank alongside engineering students, performance students are working with Carran Waterfield of Triangle Theatre to devise performance elements, media students are documenting the process, and art and design students are working on exhibition panel design with professional designer Val Evans.

This installation will showcase Albert The Tank Tram as a focus for interdisciplinary collaboration within the University of Salford and with community performers.

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Tank Tram performances & workshops THIS WEEK 03/11/16 – 05/11/16

Please meet at Salford Art Gallery and Museum Reception

03/11/2016 11am – 1pm- Open Rehearsal of “Albert the Tank Tram”. Observe and participate in the final stage of production development, learn about Triangle Theatres award-winning approach to immersive theatre.

03/11/2016 2pm – 3pm- Open Rehearsal of “Albert the Tank Tram”. Observe and participate in the final stage of production development, learn about Triangle Theatres award-winning approach to immersive theatre.

04/11/2016 11am -12.30pm “Physical Comedy Workshop with Triangle Theatre”. A Physical Comedy workshop exploring techniques of comic performance, inspired by Pierrot Performance and its origins with Triangle Theatre 

04/11/2016 1.15pm -3pm  – ” Graphic Design Workshop”. Come and take part in a Graphic Design workshop with Julia Whalley and Ronnie Johnstone. (Refreshments provided!)

05/11/2016 12.30-1.30pm – “Walkabout Performances” By The Charity Ladies

05/11/2016 1.30-2.15pm “The Long Table” Drop and join the Tank Tram Committee as they discuss the Tank Tram and Pierrots.

05/11/2016 2.30pm-3.30pm “Albert The Tank Tram” performances 


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 Tank Tram performances & workshops commemorating WW1 03/11/16 - 05/11/16

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Our aims are:

  • Build a replica “Tank Tram” as a focus for commemoration of the First World War.
  • Engage students at the University of Salford and help them to understand the impact of the war in the local area.
  • Find out what World War 1 means to students today, capture and share those different thoughts with a particular emphasis on international students
  • Research fund raising efforts on the home front, particularly the use of “Tank Trams” and make people aware that they existed. By doing this we will keep a piece of our history going.
  • Engage with schools in Salford, Wigan and Blackpool to help them research the war in their local area, introduce the idea of tank trams and combine this with STEM outreach
  • Help students learn new skills by engaging with this project, in particular give then the chance to take part in a live project and give them business, project management and practical skills.

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